Where can I take Family Pictures in Perth?

Perth offers a lovely range of photo locations within a short distance of each other. You can easily capture the contrast between the busy urban city and the calmness of nature, allowing for a variety of photo opportunities. There’s wildflowers, lavender, autumnal leaves and blossom – what more could you want? Here are my top Perth photoshoot locations

1. The Beach

Perth is famous for its spectacular beach sunsets which provide a magical and warm glow that’s a perfect backdrop for family portraits. The “golden hour” just before sunset or after sunrise offers soft, flattering light for photography. There are so many beaches to choose from but being a NOR girl I would suggest City Beach, Trigg or Hilary’s Boat Harbour.

2. The Pine Forest

I love a pine forest and it gives off a mystical feel (and the best scent!). You can almost envisage fairies and elves running wild through the trees…at least that’s what I tell the kids! The dense canopy of the pine trees diffuses sunlight, creating soft and even lighting conditions. This is ideal for capturing natural and flattering family portraits without harsh shadows. There are beautiful pine forests at Wanneroo and Gnangara to explore.

3. The Field

Are tall grasses and cute ruins more of your vibe? Then why not try Perry’s Paddock in the Woodland area of Perth. There are walking trails and paths that wind through the area and provide options for candid pictures in addition to more posed family portraits. Depending on the time of year you may encounter wildflowers in bloom, vivid green trees and bushes or dry grassland in the summer .

4. The Urban

You are spoilt for choice in Perth for urban locations. Street art makes the most mundane area “pop” and the contrast between raw concrete elements and vibrant murals make for a wonderful juxtaposition. Why not try somewhere like Fremantle streets or head to a local skatepark to embrace your inner skater girl! Ideal for families who don’t want a traditional photoshoot

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