Why NOW is the perfect time to book a Family Photoshoot!

Kate McAllister Photography. Family Photographer Lanarkshire | Glasgow

Don’t wait for that elusive “perfect” time for a Family Photoshoot

So you could wait until you have dropped a dress size, or until your son has grown out of the dodgy bowl cut you gave him over lockdown or even a couple of years until your 40th and there is a real reason to do a shoot… but the truth is that NOW is the perfect time to get a professional family photoshoot!

My best advice would be to live in the moment… Let me capture the love, hugs, giggles and kisses and the connection between you as a family. One day your children will grow up and those moments will be a distant memory. Allow me to capture that memory today! 

Family Photos can be taken in any Season!

Don’t feel like you have to wait until the “better” weather (although in Scotland it is debatable if we actually have “better” weather!) to have a photoshoot. Every season has it’s own charm and can offer a unique experience for your family.


This season represents hope! the flowers start to bloom, the weather starts to get a bit warmer after cold winter and the options are endless for spring shoots dependant on location. Think Cherry blossoms, bluebells, wildflower fields and tulips!


What’s not to love about Summer? Warmer weather, children on school holiday’s, extended families are visiting so photoshoot options are endless. Think sunset sessions at a park or wooded area, sessions with ponds full of ducks or gardens teaming with summer flowers. Say hello to maxi dresses, sandals and short sleeves!


I personally LOVE everything about Autumn! The rich oranges and red hues make a breathtaking backdrop and there are lots of fun options for leaf throwing pictures for the kids (and adults!)! The weather is great – not too hot and hopefully not too cold! I also love the options for autumnal clothing for the whole family – boots, bobble hats, chunky knits . Lush! This season is VERY popular for photoshoots so I would advise booking in advance if you are hoping to get some autumnal shots this year.


So you might think that winter is the time to stay indoors with a hot chocolate in hand but winter photos in the right conditions can be very beautiful – especially if we’re lucky enough to get some snow. Winter shoots have a calmness to them….the air is so crisp and clear and the kids are so cold the hugs and snuggles become tighter!!!! Winter also brings gorgeous soft light for portraits so don’t discount a winter shoot yet!

Capture Changes in your Family!

From first steps to high school graduation, don’t miss an opportunity to catch it on camera. An annual photoshoot is a lovely way to document the changes in your family; whether that is a new addition to the family or a rapid growing child! Professional photographs will be something you can look back on in years to come. Start a new tradition with your family!

Create Art for your Home!

So you’ve finally done it! You had your photoshoot, the kids had a ball and want to do it all over again and you’re still buzzing from the “glow” of a receiving a great family gallery. But what now? You share a few pictures on instagram and change your Facebook profile photo to your favourite picture but do you actually print your images? I think you can tell where this is going…..if you don’t – you should! Photography is a scrapbook of your life after all!

Do you have an empty space on your wall just waiting for a focal statement piece? Or maybe you are looking for some black and white images for the study? Or perhaps you would like your photoshoot transformed into a high quality photo book so your guests can enjoy it as much as you.

Make sure you display your memories around your home in beautiful artwork. I can advise the best options to turn your family images into beautiful keepsakes that you will cherish for years to come.