Why I’m in Love with In-Home Newborn Photography!

Kate McAllister Photography. Perth In-home Newborn Photographer

When I started my photography business, I knew that I wanted to make my Newborn Sessions as simplistic as possible; working around the baby’s needs and natural behaviours rather than forcing them into unnatural positions or encouraging them to sleep when they’re not ready.

So, I developed a style that works to capture you and your baby, in your home, as natural and relaxed as possible, giving you timeless photographic memories you’ll want to frame, print and treasure.

Flexible Timing

I tend to spend about one to two hours with my newborn family’s, but I’m not on the clock. All babies are different – there are no expectations that your baby will sleep through the session, or that they’ll be awake and content the whole time. If they’ll only settle on you, we’ll go with it and you’ll get the loveliest, snuggliest photos full of love and connection. 

Recovery Aware

I’m very sensitive to how varied recovery can be after birth, and so I always work with you to minimise movement and physical stress and strain if you’ve had a difficult birth story – another great reason to choose an in-home session over a studio. You don’t even need to put your shoes on! 🙂

Although a lot of my newborn sessions happen within the first two weeks of birth, it’s absolutely fine to wait a bit longer if you’re not ready for me to visit and my in-home sessions can be booked at any time.

Your Home is Your Story

You may wonder if your home is photogenic enough for an in-home session, particularly if you’re in a rental and haven’t been able to put your own personality into the decoration or furniture, but I always tell them not to worry! My pre-shoot client guide details outline some tips for preparation and I’m always able to seek out some perfect, intimate, light-filled nooks in the house where you won’t need to worry about clutter or decor!

I strongly believe photos as memories should conjure up a sense of place and context. Remember, these photographs are memories for your child, too. Your home is one of the first environments your child experiences in the world.

Still have questions?

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