3 top Worries about booking a Family Photoshoot

1. What if my Kid’s Misbehave!?

Honestly, please do not worry! Relax and try to have fun! Let the kid’s explore, interact with nature and run around – I promise I will get some good shots of them! If the kids are having fun then everyone has fun! 

Some things you can think about however is trying to draw genuine emotion from your child – not by saying “cheese” but by singing their favourite songs, bouncing them up and down, and playing peek-a-boo….you know your child best so think about the things that normally make them smile and yield the best expressions.

2. I totally hate getting my photo taken….

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard clients say “I hate getting my photo taken”. I get it…..really I do! I promise I will not put you in awkward poses or ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with. I generally use prompts that will get you moving and forget that I’m there!! I’m very relaxed and chatty in nature so I promise you will feel at ease within a short time of starting the shoot. Take a look at my reviews to hear what past clients have said about my shoots to put your mind at ease…. 

4. What time of day will you shoot? My child has a witching hour!

The time immediately before Sunrise and Sunset is the most coveted time of day for outdoor photos. This is called “Golden Hour” and is the time when the sun’s light is warm and diffuses evenly across the sky. However, if you have little one’s this may not be the best time of day for you. You can rest assured that I also do lots of shoots outside of Golden Hour for this exact reason. Morning sessions normally work well (especially in the summer when days are longer). Little kids can be more cooperative at the beginning of the day so we can take advantage of that window of opportunity with fresh faces and upbeat moods! You know your family best so choose a time that works for your family. 

When booking a session, talk to me about the best time of day for your kids and leave the light magic to me. Think about your kid’s daily routine and schedule. Consider nap times, meals, energy levels and overall mode given the time of day